Trivia Questions and Answers

Developing the right trivia questions is important, but trivia questions and answers must be paired together in perfect harmony. If answers are too hard to find, people aren’t going to be able to have much fun. If answers are super easy, people still aren’t going to have fun! People want to be challenged by trivia questions, but not to challenged, so having a mix of different answer types can add both variety and an extra dimension of fun. Here are some examples of great answer formats that will help to generate a buzz for you.

1.      Multiple Choice Trivia Questions and Answers

For those really difficult trivia questions you might want to ask, a multiple choice answer can help someone have a chance at answering it… even if they’re stumped! The best combination of question and answer in this format is a difficult question, two plausible answers, and then two implausible answers. That way, even if someone doesn’t know the answer to the question, they should be able to think their way through the answers to come up with the right solution.

Q: Who was the second President of the United States?

A1: George Washington

A2: George Bush

A3: John Wilkes Booth

A4: John Adams

2.      Open Ended Trivia Questions and Answers

One of the most popular ways to ask trivia questions is a basic question/answer format. In other words, you simply ask a question and the person has got to answer it successfully. These questions shouldn’t be so impossible that no one can answer them, but you don’t want to make them so easy that people know the answers to all of them. There really isn’t a better way, however, to test someone’s general trivia knowledge than this.

Q: In 2002, which horse won the Melbourne Cup?

A: Media Puzzle

3.      Try Using Hybrid Trivia Questions and Answers

One of the new ways to enjoy trivia questions a little bit more is to incorporate a requirement for an experiential activity with the answer of the trivia question. Let’s face it – trivia sessions can sometimes get heated and serious, but if people are required to do silly activities while answering questions, it can make for a fun evening with friends. With this type of question, you can really break the ice and have a social event, but you’ve got to be careful – not everyone will be comfortable doing certain tasks. The goal is to have fun, not completely embarrass someone.

Q: While pretending to ice skate around the room you are currently in, tell me who won the 2012-2013 Australian National Ice Skating Championships for both men and women?

A: David Kranjec and Chantelle Kerry

Are You Ready To Write Some Fun Trivia Questions and Answers?

The right combination of trivia questions and answers can make any gathering that much sweeter. The next time you are looking to compose some questions, try using these tips to create questions and answers that are fun and challenging… but not too challenging! That way everyone can have a fantastic time.